Thursday, August 8, 2013

#SpotlightGrinder NoNameGypsy - A NoNameGypsy with an Iconic Sound

NoNameGypsy is one of Chicago's newest talents that is sure bringing her own flavor to the music scene. With her latest video Paradise, capturing the moment of a birthday party and the hidden symbolism behind the importance of our celebration of age. Through her colorful lyrics she paints pictures and sends her listeners down memory lane. NoNameGypsy is a unique artist that will surely change your perspective on Chicago female artists. Check out her video Paradise.

Noname Gyspy - Paradise ft. Queen SheCago

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

#SpotlightGrinder Matti Baybee - Young And Flashy

Matti Baybee is one of the youngest artist coming out of Chicago. At only 14 years old he has rapped is way into being a house hold name in the streets. Don't let his age fool you because at only 14 he has been creating hits that will have you thinking he has been doing it for 15+ years. Its no wonder why he's being flashy and cocky. Check out his video titled "Young Flashy and Cocky" featuring Tink. Video shot by A Zae Production.

Matti Baybee ft. Tink- Young Flashy and Cocky

#SpotlightGrinder Nova Stylez - Rapper Against Violence

Nova Stylez shows not all rappers promote violence. With the recent killings happening in his neighborhood and world wide  this Milwaukee native decided to express hurt and pain about it in his new video titled "Everyday". The rapper is no stranger behind the mic. Be sure to check out his mixtape titled "Dope Azz Mixtape" availailable now.

Nova $tylez -"Everyday" Offical Video"

#SpotlightGrinder Chin Chilla Meek - Striving For Greatness

Chin Chilla Meek has been showcasing greatness through her performance across the land. This Harvey World representer has been at it for a while now. Some say its her unique style unlike any other female rappers that draws you in. From Harvey to ATL she is truly taking time to thank her supporters. Her latest mixtape "Feels Good To Be Great" is available now. Check out her video titled "Feel Good To Be Great" shot by DGainz.

Chin Chilla Meek- "Feels Good To Be Great"

#SpotlightGrinder D-Flaire - Hip Hop Shines

D-Flaire sure has a star shining on him. From Chi-town to the burbs he has been delivering nothing less than great hip hop.His drive is giving him the buzz and respect in the hip hop scene. His authentic sound will give him the longevity needed in this jungle we call an industry. Check out his video "Shinning Stars" featuring many other amazing talented artist such as Jon De Pledge, Chibbz and Mon' Aerie. 

D-Flaire-"Shining Stars" ft. Jon De Pledge, Chibbz & Mon' Aerie