Thursday, October 31, 2013


Former manager of TLC Perri "Pebbles" Reid is extremely p'd off at VH1 as well as TLC for the pretrial of her in the recent movie about the group. Pebbles who is known for discovering and giving the 90s group their big break is now under a lot of criticism after last weeks airing of the VH1 original movie CrazySexyCool. She claims the movie wrongfully made her out to be evil and contain many false depictions of her.

The movie CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story showed many scenes of Pebbles being hard and even showed how she allegedly swindled millions from the iconic girl group. Pebbles claims she has never cheated anyone she has done business with and demands retractions from VH1.

Pebbles and her attorney are already involved in the process of demanding retractions from VH1. VH1 has yet to return her calls about the matter.

#NewListen LB Boi - Charles Ramsey [prod. Ramsay Tha Great]

#OfficialNewVideo Klouds- Beauty (Official Music Video )

Monday, October 28, 2013


Chris Brown early this morning was arrested for punching a man in the face and sending the victim to the hospital. Sources first told TMZ that Chris got upset at the man for photobombing (jumping in ones picture uninvited) a picture he was taking with two female fans. 

Later TMZ was told that that story was not entirely true. After sources got in contact with reliable people of Chris they were told the incident took place after the victim tried to enter Chris tour bus. The two females first tried to enter the bus but they were stopped. Thats when the guy went for his move when Chris used force to prevent him from trespassing. 

Law enforcement and alleged victim said before Chris Brown punched the man he said "I'm not into this gay s**t, I'm into boxing."  The alleged victim wants to press charges for the punching and homophobic slur. Law enforcement also say Chris did not appear to be intoxicated during arrest. 

Still on probation from the domestic violence against Rhianna this new incident could violate that probation. Under DC law Brown can not get bail and will remain in jail until he appears before a judge.

#SpotlightGrinder Ty Money - Reaching New Levels

Rapper Ty Money is really impacting the Chicago music scene. Not afraid to say what he wants in his music this artist is making some vets tip off their hats to him. He makes songs people can party and relate to. While often traveling doing shows in other states he makes sure to reps Sibley Blvd where ever he goes. No matter what new heights he reaches you could catch him doing shows in around his city. Check out his video "Levels" shoot by @UrbanGrindTV. 

Ty Money - "LEVELS" (Remix)

#OfficialNewVideo John Legend - All Of Me

#NewListen Maven X Dev iLL - Jessie Owens (Prod. By TerrEnce Clayton)

#OfficialNewVideo PHIL - Narcotic User [Prod. by PHIL]

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Michael Jackson is still setting records long after his passing. According to The Mag Michael is now the top earning decease person in Hollywood. 

The Mag releases an annual list of top earning celebrities each year. Michael took the top spot from his friend and deceased celeb Liz Taylor. 

The top 5 from that list:
1) Michael Jackson, $160 million 
2) Elvis, $55 million
3) Charles Schulz, $37 million
4) Liz Taylor, $25 million
5) Bob Marley, $18 million 

Michael Jackson will always be a "BAD" man...

#SpotlightGrinder Tunde The Comedian - Bringing Hella Laughs

Tunde the 23yr old comedian is coming after the top comedian's spot. From the streets of the Chi to the campus life to now making people laugh on the west cost this guy isn't stopping until he has his name on a 20 foot billboard. He started telling jokes a little over 3yrs ago because he was able to make so many people laugh around him. His jokes are raw and uncut. He jokes about the real life situations that lots of people can relate to. More of a real comedian and nothing like a clown you will soon see his face all over your tv screen.

Check out his funny PSA below (Explicit) 

#HotSpots The Shrine Night Club |Chicago|


The Shrine nightclub is located in the south loop area of Chicago. This concert venue and dance club has the best of both worlds. Whether you are looking to dance like crazy or sip while lounging The Shrine has the space to accommodate your desires. One half has a dance floor with a stage and surround system great for the many concerts/ events they host. The other half has a sophisticated comfy lounge area perfect for sipping. Emerging on the scene in 2009 The Shrine remains a hot spot in Chicago. For more info visit

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013


The Game is now the newest artist to be signed to Cash Money Records. To celebrate the the new deal he decided to get some new bling for not only himself but boss man Birdman too!

The Game hit up jeweler Jason of Beverly Hills dropped about $40,000 on one all gold and one platinum Cash Money logo chain with diamonds. 

TMZ reported that The Game put in a rush order for the chains to have them by the time he made the announcement. Jewelers pulled two back to back all nighters to get the job done.

Grind hard... Shine hard...

Check out the BLING!

#OffiacialNEWvideo Chin Chilla Meek - Letter To My Ex

[shot by @SheHeartsTevin]

Sunday, October 13, 2013

#SpotlightGrinder Audio Push - Double The Trouble

Hip hop Duo Audio Push are tearing up stages coast to coast. Oktane and Pricetag have been making music for some years now and with about 8 mixtapes out its hard not to find a song to vibe to. Coming out of Inland Empire California this West Coast group has a variety of music to dance to as well as songs showcasing a warmer side of them. Audio Push talent has been recognized by Interscope Records who they are now signed to. This group has now been on songs with artist such as SchoolBoy Q and many more. Check out one of their latest videos "Shine" that has a popular movie theme.

Audio Push - Shine

#OfficialNEWvideo 2 Chainz - Used 2 (Explicit)

#NewListen Veto Vangundy - Anita Baker Flow (audio)

Saturday, October 12, 2013

#CelebNews R.I.P to Adrian Peterson's 2yr old Son

Adrain Petterson's son died from alleged child abuse by his mother's boyfriend. Joseph Robert Patterson the boyfriend of the child's mother was arrested and charged with aggravated battery of an infant and aggravated assault. If convicted he faces up to 40yrs behind bars and a $80,000 fine.

The police were called and once they arrived on the scene they found the boy was unresponsive. He was then rushed to the hospital immediately. Authorities say that the boy suffered from head injuries of consistent abuse.

Adrian has been holding up from the support of his fans and friends. He did not get fully detailed with the reporters Friday about the incident but did mention he is dealing with "a private matter". The son's name was not released and Peterson stated "I ask you all to please just respect my privacy". 

Be strong Peterson...

#HotSpots The Bristol Restaurant |CHICAGO|


The Bristol located in Chicago's Bucktown neighborhood is home for great food from homemade pasta to specialty brunch meals like the sausage egg skillet. Bristol also has a number of homemade cocktails and a wine collection with over 200 to chose from. This restaurant features a second floor for private parties from business dinners to wedding receptions. Weather you are looking for a great meal or to have a private gathering Bristol just may be a spot to consider. For more info feel free to visit

#NewListen SquadBoy & BandMan Kevo - I Dont Need It


Kendrick Perkins of the Oklahoma City Thunder was recently arrested for a club fight that took place back in July where we allegedly punching a woman in the face.

Perkins along with his brother-in-law Quincy Alpough was outside the nightclub Nox in Harris County TX where the fight broke out intentionally between Mikeeta Cotton and Perkins female cousin. Cotton says she was attacked by Perkins' female cousin after a small finder bender. 

Alpough adding to the scene by yelling and pushing. Perkins was said to have joined punched Cotton's brother in the head and punched her with a closed fist.

Cotton was knocked unconscious. After long investigation of the incident police say they have gathered enough evidence to put Perkins behind bars for misdemeanor assault. He has been release on a $1000 bond.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

#SpotlightGrinder Breeze - Jack Of All Trades

Breeze a 22 yr old MC is talented in more ways than one. Being introduced to quality music at an early age his love for the art began to grow. Internally drawn to the craft by his parents it was his older sister that got him hooked to rapping at 4 or 5 yrs old. He transitioned from recording only on tapes to having his first studio at 19. Hating the hassle of dealing with engineers and producers who seemed to be more into themselves he decided to take his career in his own hands. Once just a rapper now a MC/Producer/Engineer who has complete control over his music. Check out his new track titled "Sun Down".

Breeze- Sun Down (prod by Matcy P) 

#NewListen BeBe O'Hare - Royals (Freestyle Video)

Directed By: Matt Maloney

#OfficialNEWvideo Pusha T - Sweet Serenade (Explicit) ft. Chris Brown


Miley Cyrus has sure been getting a lot of exposure from her wild new image and music. Is PORN next for the superstar? She recently been offered $1 million to enter the porn industry... as a director. 

Gamelink an adult retailer sent a letter to Miley's people offering her the money to get behind the the camera. The letter according to sources mentioned her having full creative control. 

No reports of Miley's response to the offer. She did some sexy some pretty sexy things in her recent music video "Wrecking Ball". No wonder she's getting offers to make movies.

Would you take the offer...

Check out her latest video Wrecking Ball

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


#NewListen Chin Chilla Meek - Letter To My Ex (Audio)

#NewListen CHI - OTS f/ Spade Gucci Produced By RIO MAC

#SpotlightGrinder Lyriq - Show Him The #'s

Lyriq a dynamic MC from the south side of Chicago has really been giving the Chi music scene a different splash of creativity. During a time now when "Drill" and "trap" music is becoming a common characteristic of a Chi artist he is taking a different approach. His music packs truth and unique expressions of what his generation goes through. Once a member of the rap duo B.X.C of DTP records Ludacris sure was impressed by his skills which gave him the opportunity to work with countless celebrities. Not losing that drive one bit since then he has been branding himself as a great solo artist. Check out his video "Let Me See It" shot by @_TaylorBanks.

Lyriq-Let Me See It @LyriqYANK shot by @_TaylorBanks


Lauryn Hill has done her time for not paying her property taxes and is now a free woman. Instead of laying low for awhile she has decided she wants to hit the country running with a music tour. 

A day before she was release from the minimum security complex in Danbury Connecticut she dropped a track called "Consumerism" via her Tumblr page. The song is right on track with the conscious heart felt music she once dropped before going to prison. 

Many fans have been wanting and wishing for the music legend to return and she has did just that. Theres talk about a tour that may happen in the near future.

Is the legend back to stay...

#HotSpots The Crocodile Lounge |Chicago|


The Crocodile Lounge located in Wicker Park is a bar that offers amazing deals for your buck. With every drink purchase everyone gets a free 6-inch margherita pizza which could be customized to their liking of toppings for a dollar or two more. They have a full menu that ranges from New York style pizza to buffalo sliders. Looking for for a great time with friends pay them a visit 1540 N. Milwaukee Ave. Chicago, IL. 

#NewListen Mic We$t (Feat. A.C. NoEL) - "Perfect Timing" (Prod. by Skinny MooXe)

#NewListen Bella Bahhs - "Conduct Hearing"

#SpotlightGrinder Matti Baybee - Young And Flashy

Matti Baybee is one of the youngest artist coming out of Chicago. At only 14 years old he has rapped is way into being a house hold name in the streets. Don't let his age fool you because at only 14 he has been creating hits that will have you thinking he has been doing it for 15+ years. Its no wonder why he's being flashy and cocky. Check out his video titled "Young Flashy and Cocky" featuring Tink. Video shot by A Zae Production.

Matti Baybee ft. Tink- Young Flashy and Cocky

#NewListen Don Mario - "No Other Chance" (Mass Appeal)

#NewListen PHIL - "All Black" Bella Bahhs (prod. by PHIL)

#NewListen Justin Ruff - Don't Stop (prod. by The High Fidelity Frequency)


Many may remember the iconic television show Yo! MTV Raps from back in the day. If not let us fill you in. Yo! MTV Raps was a 2 hour television show that was was birthed August 1988 and ran until 1995. 

MTV back in the 80's were slow to picking up rap music but when it did it featured everything from videos exclusive interviews and studio performances. This show was known for featuring artist that went on to be mega superstars such as Queen Latifah, Ice Cube, LL Cool J and many more.

To mark the end of the summer MTV's 24 music channel MTV Jams aired a 3day marathon of Yo! MTV Jams. Rumor has it that MTV will bring this show back very soon.

Artist you ready....

#NewListen Vell Hayes - "Where The F*%k Is My Lighter"

#NewListen Van 'Go - "4 am" (prod. by Kavy James)


Many know Kanye West is for the most part a private person when it comes to his personal life. Well he shared as softer side of him in tv recorded interview with KRIS. 

Check out the exclusive interview as he explains his love.

#NewListen Romiti - "Nothing On Me"


#NewListen Ray iLLa - LIKE ME (Prod. by BraveStarr)


Moesha's star Marcus T. Paulk aka "Myles" was recently arrested for physically fighting his girlfriend. 

What started as a verbal argument in the club turned into a physical fight once Marcus and singer girlfriend Andi Roxx got home. Witnesses say Marcus began to cause a scene in club because he felt girlfriend wasn't showing him attention.

Marcus turned himself in L.A jail not too long after girlfriend told sources of the incident. 

Wow the stomach though....

#SpotlightGrinder Showtime - Yep Its Showtime

Showtime is riding around and getting it. The Harvey World rapper has been at it since a youngin and is well known for his drive and boss like ambitions to be one of the best that ever did it. Twista sure was impressed a few years ago when he signed the artist who he says has the total package to last in the new aged industry. His songs range from the bonnie and clyde type anthems to hits strictly for the streets. Crossing paths with many Showtime recently linked and did a track with Love & Hip Hop star Lil Scrappy. 

Showtime - Rider Muzik Ft. Lil Scrappy 

#NewListen Spud Flow - "Something Real" Ft. Shakita Ford (Prod. by Original Art Beats)


Lil Wayne appeared on the Katie Couric talk show this past weekend. While being interviewed by Katie, Wayne talks about his kids and his plans to enter retirement in 5 years.

According to Weezy, the reason why he wants to retire is to spend more time with his children. When asked, what is he looking forward to in spending more time with his kids, Wayne stated, "Whatever they want to do. I don't want to have no influence... "Hey you must do this, you must do that,'' he explained. "Because I didn't have that. I grew up to be exactly what I wanted to be and how I wanted to be. I want that for all my kids."

Katie asked if he was sure that he will be ready to retire at 35. Wayne said he knows that he will be ready because he's ready to retire now.

Will he retire???

We'll see in 5 years.....
(Watch the interview below)

#SpotlightGrinder L.T.D - Fresh New Sound On The Scene

Law Tha Dragon is getting a huge buzz from his first mixtape  titled "Fresh Start" hosted by Chicago's own DJ Honorz. This Chi-town resider debuted his secret talent of creating good music a few years ago and since then he has been unstoppable. His flow and refreshing sound sure will give him a fresh start in the game. Check out his one of his videos "Dreams" directed by @VisualMeccaEnt.

Law Tha Dragon - Dreams