Friday, November 29, 2013

#OfficialNewVideo Ty Money - PSA (Official Video) Shot By @AZaeProduction

#OfficialNewVideo Onis - Fly Away [official music video]

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Rapper Flo Rida is now being sued for child support from a popular video vixen who claims to be carrying his child. Alleged baby mama is suing rapper for "good fortune child support" which is a special kind of child support in Florida for rich people.

Video/ glamor model Natasha Georgette Williams and her attorney Ray Rafool recently filed the legal papers in Miami. The legal docs not only asks for child support but for pre-natal assistance as well as other expenses related to the birth of the child.
Natasha also wants the child support order to include expenses for private schooling and summer camps. The paternity of the child has yet to be officially determined. Natasha claims to have no doubt or worry that Flo Rida would deny being the father. Flo Rida has yet to respond to the recent reports. 

#SpotlightGrinder Dope Fantasy - Standing Out Amongst The Crowd

Hip hop group Dope Fantasy is bringing a refreshing sound to the Chicago music scene. After years of free styling and hanging with each other the dope emcees decided to join forces in 2012 in hopes to make a positive impact to the music game. Jay-R, Carrera Kool, L's and Ross Augusta individually contributes an unique style to the group that is sure making them stand out in the overly populated music world. Their diverse music backgrounds create a wide range of song content. Their drive as well as their talent has allowed them to tear up stages all over the Chicago land area. With youtube views over 50k and a buzz that is expanding rapidly... it will be no time before this group is heard all over the major fm airwaves. Check out their video "ITOY" and experience the Dope Fantasy.

Dope Fantasy - ITOY Directed By Brianna Lashé™

#NewListen RC & The Gritz - Leave Me Alone ft. Erykah Badu

#OfficialNewVideo RondoNumbaNine- Ride Ft. Lil Durk (Official Music Video)

#NewListen Tragedy tha Beast - Silent Partner ft. Dominique Danielle (Prod. By Nascent & QB)

#OfficialNewVideo Ace White - Whatever's Good [Shot by Corey Simpson]

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


The funny comedic actors James Franco and Seth Rogen poked fun at Kanye and Kim in spoof video. The two actors got did an nearly identical video playing the roles of Kanye and Kim.

Kanye and Kim both found loved it and found it to be very funny. Kanye even gave them props on twitter by saying "You nailed it!!! Sooo funny!"

Check out the side by side video below. 

#OfficialNewVideo Clark Airlines - Up High ft Drey Skonie [Prod by FLY LIFE]

#NewListen Chi Shaun - Good Kush


Chief Keef learned he is a daddy AGAIN! After DNA test proved he is the father of a 10-month old baby. Not only is he the father of another child but the mother of the child needs Keef to pay up.

Baby mama Erica Early went to court in Chicago to establish Keef is the father. DNA test showed there is a 99.9% chance that the 18 year old rapper is the father. 

Keef is still in Cali rehab facility for weed smoking. The judged ordered Keef to pay $2,500 a month plus $25k for the past 10 months. 


#OfficialNewVideo JmoefrmDaBAM - Dirty Soda (Prod. Teezy Too Dope) [ Directed By Cholly]

#NewListen J.O.G - One Life [Prod. Hajj Laboratory]

Monday, November 25, 2013


Dre. Dre p%#*ed at a blog site for posting several stories about him and a video vixen having affairs. In fact Dr. Dre claims to have NEVER cheated on his wife. 

Website has posted numerous stories about Dr. Dre and his alleged affair with video vixen Kili Anderson. The even posted photos of the alleged home the have affairs in.
Kili Anderson the video vixen
The legal team of Dre recently fired off a cease and desist letter demanding the site to remove all postings about him allegedly about to leave his wife and any postings about him and the vixen. has no plans on removing stories and stands by their postings.

This may get down and dirty in court...

#NewListen Bebe O'Hare - City Of Win ft. BJ The Chicago Kid

#OfficialNewVideo Juice Beatz - Main Attraction [Produced by @Riomac_Hsp]

#OfficialNewVideo Floozy - This Aint That (Official Video)

Friday, November 22, 2013

#HotSpots The Original Pancake House l Chicago l

Hot Food Spot  

The Original Pancake House was founded in Portland, Oregon in 1953 by Les Highet and Erma Hueneke. Drawing upon their many years of experience in the culinary field, and their extensive working knowledge of authentic national and ethnic pancake recipes they were able to offer without compromise this unique and original menu which has gained national acclaim. The Original Pancake House is a second and third generation family business, which takes great pride in maintaining the high standards that make food so outstanding it makes you want to smack your momma LOL. The Original Pancake House have over one hundred franchises from coast to coast and have won local and national acclaim. Check one out today!!!!

#NewListen Kanye West - Bound 2

#NewOfficialVideo Dipperachi Ft. Lil Kal & Ray Nitti - Party

#OfficialNewVideo Flooz (Floozy) - Cash and Bones

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

#SpotLightGrinder DJ Banga "Runnerz Way"

Christopher "DJ Banga" Hill Sr. born and raised in Milwaukee, WI to Kimberly Hill and Anthony Jones. For starters music has always ran deep in the Hill family. DJ Banga's grandmother Beverly Pitts was actually one of Milwaukee's first Jazz player to do it so that speaks for itself already. She accomplished many awards and captured numerous articles in surrounding area newspapers and magazines giving her nice buzz back in the day. Also having a uncle in Paris who owns his own record company and is doing very good for himself, DJ Banga got his first shot at working from his cousin who was also a DJ in the city. He started off with 1 hour a night to holding down his own night in the club. As a teenager in high school he sold mix CDs out his locker at John MarshallI. DJ Banga has always had a passion for music using it to inspire him to clean or to go to sleep too; but however it was used for music has always been playing around him. DJin for 4 years Banga has made his presence felt by working with big name people and rocking large crowds. DJ Banga is the type of DJ that connects wit the people. His style is a combination of things, whether its to get you hype to where you'll be needing a inhaler or slow it down to where you want to go home and bring down the house. DJ Banga hooked up with Bigga Rankin, VP of CTE and CEO of the Cool Running DJs in the summer 2010 and since then he has been on his job trying to get ahead and become a better DJ than he is now. Flooding the streets with his mixtape series called "Runnerz Way" which has some of the hottest tracks fresh out the midwest DJ Banga states that, "I'm just here to make a name for myself I want to people everywhere to know who Banga is". At igrind we acknowledge the work effort DJ Banga has been putting out and continue to wish him success in the future. You can check out DJ Banga and his mixtape series at Also follow him on Twitter and Instagram: @djbanga414  
We #Salute and #Certify that DJ Banga is a true igrind!! 

#OffficialNewVideo Kanye West - Bound2 (Full Uncensored Version)

#OfficialNewVideo Ashlee Bankz - Talkin [Visual By @BIGHOMIEENT]

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Monday, November 18, 2013


Lamar Odom confirms to TMZ that his return to the LA Clippers may be near. Odom has been training extensively for the past month and is looking pretty good. Odom told in so many words to TMZ cameras at LAX over the weekend that is basketball career is far from over.  

Odom has completed his drug rehab and has been allegedly clean for a couple months now. Odom has expressed his passion for getting back to the game and team he loves so much. 

Doc Rivers met with Odom Friday and it is said that serious discussions are taking place for the NBA baller to possibly return this season. More is developing on this story.

Will he return better than ever?.... 

#SpotLightGrinder Bella Bahhs - A Femecee On The Rise

20 year old female rapper Bella Bahhs has been grinding in the books and the booth. The college senior originally from the west side of Chicago has been rapping for a few years now but has been writing poetry for much longer. Her poetic roots make up an unique rhyme flow that sets her apart from some of her rap peers. She recently released her debut rap project titled Power Hall. The Power Hall EP was titled after dorm hall she lived in during her sophomore and junior year of college. The seven track EP was a reflection of her many experiences throughout life. Transforming her stanzas into bars this driven young woman is determined to let her talents shine. Check out her latest video Youthful  produced by Mike Talent @MikeeMikeBangers.

Bella Bahhs - Youthful (Part II) [Prod. by Mike Talent]

#NewListen L.B. Boi - Current Situation [prod yung cryptonite]

#HotSpots Hearts Night Club |Chicago|


Hearts Night Club continues to be a dominate hot spot in Chicago. Open tuesday- sunday this club brings in hot DJs from all over the area providing its party goers with diverse music selections. The inside is decked out with very fashionable decorations. There are huge black and white images of figures rocking out adding to the rock star experience. The rectangular bar is the center of action while there is a steel dance floor on the other side. Crowds come from all over to experience the unique rock star atmosphere. For more info on this hot party spot visit there website

#NewListen Fa†e - Void Of Love Ft. Marris, JohnNY U., ScienZe & Savannah Moreau

Thursday, November 14, 2013


Kanye and Kim not to long ago got an $11 million dollar home built from the ground up but now wants an even bigger home. The two were spotted looking at new land for their future new home. 
With their newborn North West now in the picture the two want a bigger spot for her to safely run around in. There is no telling how big or the price they will pay for the new home. 

#NewListen Youngg Offishall - "Sex Me" Feat. Snoop Dogg & T-Rell

#OfficialNewVideo Skylar Dreams - Earth Is Mine [Official Video] | Shot By @HigherEnt

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

#SpotLightGrinder B3 (Brains, Beauty and Business)

Here at iGrind4Real we feature all types of grinders no matter gender, race, or background and today we are proud to speak on an Up And Coming movement that is taking the country by storm. Allow me to introduce to you  B3 (Brains, Beauty, and Business). B3 is a movement that seeks to improve the quality of women's relationship amongst one another by recognizing their accomplishments and encouraging other women to do the same; which builds a positive forum of collaborations as well as unification. Founded by Kaay and Kaii Rows (Chicago Natives) -  B3 aims to uplift, encourage and enlighten women from all ages no matter background or location. Their vision is to build a positive forum, by innovating the concept of unifying all women and encouraging them to embrace one another. They believe in the power to their concept to Improve the quality of women's lives; by continuously empowering them, not just for the moment but indefinitely. Their mission is to bridge the gap that results in the association of negative behavior amongst women. Unlike most organizations Brains Beauty & Business doesn't necessarily have a starting point; it was not created it blossomed. Kaay and Kaii found much of their inspiration through their parents and  after extensive brainstorming first calling the movement G.E.M.S (Girls Encouraging More Sisterhood), it eventually blossomed to (B3). Women can be so critical when it pertains to the appearances and aspirations of other women however, they are stronger when we are for one another as opposed to one another. That was then when they decided it was time for a change... "Negativity has become an epidemic...we are the key to the cure." - B3 

Here at iGrind we support and aknowlge the hard work and effort that this movement is making and views this as a true grinder. For that we #Salute

Check out B3 in LHHNY's Yandy Smith's: Everything Girls Love Magazine as well as in,

In the Hustlapreneur Section: Paper Chasers Feature


#NewListen Dope Fantasy (Carrera Kool & Jay R Bestbyfar) - Evil Vibes

#OfficialNewVideo Jdriilla Gee - 'Inside Of Me' (Explicit) [Prod. By Jdriilla Gee]

#OffficialNewVideo Dev D The Divine - Word Up

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

#NewListen Fredo Santana - Jealous Ft. Kendrick Lamar


#OfficialNewVideo Drake - Worst Behavior (Official Video)


#NewListen Real T@Lk - Looking Glass Ceiling


The iconic Spike Lee is now being sued for what he retweeted while enraged about the outcome of the George Zimmerman and Travon Martin case. He retweeted what he believed was a the address of George Zimmerman but in fact that address was of an elderly couple.

The couple David and Elaine McCain carelessly retweeted their address just days after the shooting without doing research. The McCains claim they received countless amount of death threats and hate mail as a result. They feel at one point their lives could have actually be taken. 

The McCains feel the retweet Lee did caused a "dangerous mob mentality".  With the influence Lee has the McCains feel he should have been more responsible. The McCains are now suing in hopes to get money for the pain they have been enduring.

Spike Lee tweeted an apology to the McCains but it may be too late...

#OfficialNewVideo Dorsey Kydd - Cappin (Official Video)

#OfficialNewVideo The Guys - Taxes (Official Video)

Monday, November 11, 2013


Rapper Cheif Keef is wildly known for weed smoking and flaunting large sums of cash on social media sites such as instagram. Well Chief Keef claims that is all behind him now.

TMZ recently caught up with Keef over the weekend as he landed in LAX airport headed to a private rehab facility. Keef told reporters he is done with the weed and flashy stunting.  

Chief Keef was recently released from jail and ordered straight to rehab after 3 failed drug test while on probation. Cheif Keef says he wants to straighten his act up for his fans and his family. 

Will he stick to his plan... 

#SpotlightGrinder Audio Push - Double The Trouble (iGrind Article)

Hip hop Duo Audio Push are tearing up stages coast to coast. Oktane and Pricetag have been making music for some years now and with about 8 mixtapes out its hard not to find a song to vibe to. Coming out of Inland Empire California this West Coast group has a variety of music to dance to as well as songs showcasing a warmer side of them. Audio Push talent has been recognized by Interscope Records who they are now signed to. This group has now been on songs with artist such as SchoolBoy Q and many more. Check out one of their latest videos "Shine" that has a popular movie theme.

Audio Push - Shine

#OfficialNewVideo Dj Khaled - Never Surrender

#HotSpots Funky Buddha Lounge |Chicago|


The Funky Budda Lounge is a bar club that has been attracting crowds for a while now. It has a party feel with a laidback comfy surrounding. It is known for its fun atmosphere and diverse music genres such as hip hop all the way to latin. Indian and Asian inspired art cover the walls. Long black lather couches line the wall but its the center dance floor that gets a lot of attention. You will sure leave there partied satisfied. For more info visit

#NewListen Starlito & Don Trip - Leash On Life

Thursday, November 7, 2013


Once best friends now rivals pop star Justin Bieber and rapper Lil Twist are beefing yet again. This time its over a clothing line. Back in September trademarking papers were filed for a clothing line called "Wild Kidz" that both Twist and Bieber wanted to start together. The catch phrase was frequently used by the two ex friends during their crazy adventures. 

Once the two had fallen out they never mentioned the clothing line again. Thats until recently when Lil Twist decided to go into his own business venture called "W.I.L.D Kidz" Clothing. Trademarking papers were filled in October on Twist behalf who had no intentions on bringing Bieber into the mixed.

Petty beef seems to be brewing between the two. Bieber can not take legal action against Twist because of the change in the wording from "Wild Kidz" to "W.I.L.D Kidz". No public responses have been given on either side. 

Will the two ever make up...

#OfficialNewVideo James Blake Feat. Chance The Rapper "Life Round Here"

#NewListen Rockboy K9 Ft. Rockboy Bam - 'Smoke That Shit' (Produced by Dev)

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Ty Lawson of the Denver Nuggets was charged today for an alleged domestic violence dispute with his Bad Girls Club girlfriend Ashley Nicole Pettiford. The incident took place Saturday night according to Denver law enforcement. The season 6 Bad Girl Ashley was also taken into custody as well that night. 

According to Arapahoe County Sheriff Grayson Robinson told the Denver Post the two lovers were arguing back and forth and broke each others phone. He was charged with physical harassment and criminal mischief after the incident that took place in his home.

The point guard appeared before a judged Monday and was release on a $1000 bond. A restraining ordered was issued between the two. Lawson claims most of the incident was a misunderstanding and hopes to be exonerated. 

#OfficialNewVideo Sasha Go Hard f/ Tink - Problem [Shot By @AZaeProduction]

#NewListen TayDevito - We On It feat. D-Flaire

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


DMX just got off the road and was busted driving behind the wheel again. This time it was for three different offenses in South Carolina.  

According to law enforcement DMX was caught for driving on a suspended license, driving with no car insurance as well as an unlicensed car. DMX was recently arrested back in August for allegedly driving with weed possession and in July for an alleged DUI.

When DMX pulled into the airport terminal police noticed him and arrested him because they are well aware he is not supposed to be driving until his  suspension is cleared. He is currently still in custody awaiting to see a judge.

Maybe he should catch a cab next time...