Monday, February 3, 2014


'philip seymour hoffman rip'
Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman was found dead Sunday in his New York apartment from a drug overdose. Law enforcement found him with needle still in arm.

Hoffman was suppose to pick up his children at 9am Sunday morning. When he didn't show a friend of his became concerned and went to visit Hoffman at his Greenwich apartment where they found him dead. When police arrived they found Hoffman in the bathroom in his boxer shorts with the needle sticking out of arm.

Many are devastated of the tragic and unexpected death. Hoffman was clean for 23 years and recently in 2012 went back to  using the substance. The actor checked himself into rehab back in May to try to fixed his problems but treatment only lasted for a short while.

An official autopsy will take place today. Dead at only 46 many actors, friends and family plan to pay their respects at his funeral.

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