Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Many rejoiced around the world after new NBA Commissioner Adam Silver banned Clipper's owner Donald Sterling from the NBA for life after his racially charged remarks. Thanks to Donald's side chick V. Stiviano his true racist character was exposed after phone conversation recordings were leaked. Check out what fans and celebs had to say!
Via Ray Harrison II at MyPointOfView87.Com:
Technically Adam Silver has been the NBA Commissioner since February 1st, but yesterday he finally got a chance to earn his stripes. He hasn't been faced with many challenges until the recent racial comments by Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling. Commissioner Silver laid down the law by banning Sterling for life from the NBA, and fining him $2.5 million (maximum under NBA Constitution). All eyes have been on this situation since TMZ received the audio of the conversation between Sterling and his girlfriend. In this audio Sterling made it clear that he felt minorities were inferior, and that he didn't want his girlfriend bringing African Americans to his games. These comments didn't come as a shock to some due to the fact that Sterling has had a history of alleged racism towards minorities. He's been sued for housing discrimination, and a wrongful termination suit was filed against him by the legendary Elgin Baylor who had served as General Manager for 22 years. There's a saying that goes "what's done in the dark will eventually come to the light," and I believe that's exactly what has happened with Sterling. 

I truly do believe that there are more owners in the sports world that have the same ideas and thoughts as Sterling. Unfortunately for Sterling, he's the first one to get caught and be made an example. Some people feel as though how can you punish a man by making him sell a team that's now worth over $500 million, but to me it's about making a stand. Sterling may be rich financially, but he's poor in so many other areas that money can't buy. By making him sell the Clippers the NBA would be showing that this type of ignorance will not be tolerated. I applaud Commissioner Adam Silver for his disciplinary actions towards Donald Sterling. For many this is just the beginning, and justice won't be served until Sterling is forced to sell the Clippers and I couldn't agree any more.

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