Thursday, July 17, 2014


Looks like Drake can't shout that "ALL ME FOR REAL" lyric anymore because according to reports Mr. Drake has been stealing lyrics. So Drake’s opening lines on YG’s “Who Do You Love” track sound just like a portion of a verse from Rappin’ 4-Tay’s 1994 track “Playaz Club.” Via TMZ:  Drake just paid a ton of respect to Rappin’ 4-Tay — in the form of cold, hard cash — to settle a beef in which 4-Tay claimed Drizzy jacked his rhymes.  4-Tay first put Drake on blast when YG’s hit “Who Do You Love” came out. Drake drops lyrics on the song that are clearly ripped straight from 4-Tay’s 1994 hit “Playaz Club.”  4-Tay was offended Drake didn’t give him credit on the song. No lawsuit was ever filed, but sources close to the situation tell us a very lucrative agreement was reached.  4-Tay’s manager tells TMZ … Drake’s record label agreed to pay 4-Tay $100,000 for “borrowing” the lines.  Not shockingly … 4-Tay tells us he’s no longer offended. 
OUCH DRAKE!... but on another note $100k may be just chump change to the YMCMB icon.

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