Friday, August 1, 2014

#EVENTEXCLUSIVE #PeaceParties Presented by Bishop City Presents (Markham IL) | Inside Exclusive

Anthony Williams founder of Bishop City Presents
Shouldn't young adults be able to enjoy an evening of socializing and partying without the fear of being near or involved in any violent acts of crime? When many think of the Chicago area what often comes to mind is the horror headlines of violence that's been all over mainstream media. A few young creative minds set out to change this stigma of Chicago by bringing quality peaceful events. #PeaceParties was then born! 
"I want people to be able to come together and have fun... that's most important ya know thats what this is all about" - Anthony Bishop City Williams

Always held on a Sunday for the last several weeks in June and July Bishop city presents holds a weekly event called the #PeaceParties. Anthony Williams aka Bishop City created the event to promote peace within the
The famous #PeaceParties Bonfire
Chicagoland area. This event has allowed people to come out and party with out the worry of someone fighting or getting shot.  Also various artist from around Chicago land area have also gotten  the opportunity to showcase their talents at the party. On top of live performances, good environment, and good people, there is a large bond fire outside that gives guest the opportunity to network, make s'mores, and tell crazy stories.

"The Peace Parties is just proof that people are tired of dying at their parties, this is about people coming together and having fun... Its about letting all the extraness go and enjoying their night" - Anthony Bishop City Williams

The Peace Parties had its finale in July but by popular demand the event is now making a comeback. This event is ran by Anthony Bishop City William and the entire Bishop City Presents staff. Anthony enlightened us that their is many behind him that helps keep him going. The events sponsored by Bishop City Presents would not be possible without it's staff and supporters. 

"I can come to this party and not feel like i can get shot" - Peace Party attendee


ITS BACK !!! @BCPresents @PeaceParties Sunday #August 3rd !! Don't miss the #TurnUp #Chicago With sounds provided by @DJSmutMan &@DJWillTrey #LivePerformances by @ChinChillaMeek@IAmLyriq @HvppyHour & @new_age_don #Bonfire #420 #BeerPong #FlippyCup #GoodMusic #PeaceParties Sponsored by #BishopCityPresents #bbcw #1000watts #igrind #gooddeedscrew #usd2r

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