Thursday, December 18, 2014

***Do You Agree??!!*** #CelebNews YG And The Game Say The Grammys Are Rigged For Crossover Artists — “They Hate Gangster Rappers” [VIDEO]

The Game and YG believe that the Grammy's are rigged and its because gangster rappers are getting screwed over. Game told TMZ that people at the Grammys "don't respect our culture or our music. Unless we cross over, we aint winning s**t." YG's album "My Krazy Life" debuted at #1 on Billboard BUT he didn't get a single nomination. He told Big Boy from Power 106 that his music was way better than most. Both YG and Game think the Grammys shut out any rapper who is not mainstream, which is ironic since YG sold more albums than just about anyone in the rap category in 2014. Game's parting shot ... "We can’t even get police convicted of coldblooded murder, so we definitely ain't winning no f**king Grammy." YG said on Power 106 LA "Some of them albums is wack, my album is better than them albums. I feel like, how y'all—I already knew I wasn't gonna win a Grammy. I'm like, 'They not gon' give me a Grammy but they gon' nominate me for sure.' It was just, when I seen some of them albums on there, it was like, I didn't really get it. I really feel some type of way. I know it got something to do with me being from the streets and representing what I represent and talking about what I talk about on these records. I feel like the Grammy people gotta know, I'm the peoples' champ," he added, going into a discussion about his community work. "I'm the peoples' people. They be rocking with me. The people that's out here. I gotta foundation, a nonprofit, I do like five to eight events every year. I'm showing up. We spending our money. Normally, foundations they get money from people. We just starting off. I'm spending my bread. My momma's spending HER money that she ain't got. They gotta recognize all that's going on." Back to the music, YG said simply, "My album is better than half of them albums on there. I'm not knocking nobody...I came up with Iggy. I know Iggy. ScHoolboy, all them. Then he called the snub "a slap in the face." "I really had the best Rap album of 2014," he later said. "All these rappers gon' tell you that...I should've got a nomination for the Grammys." 

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