Thursday, January 15, 2015


Wale reveals that he is frustrated with the representation of black women online and on television. No longer hiring the typical super model vixen to parade in his videos, Wale wants to set a trend that depicts the normal around the way beauties as the trophies men should go after. No more "TEAM FOREIGN" Wale gives Necole Bitchie an exclusive explaining why. Via Necole Bitchie: Whatever happened to the “Around the Way” ambitious girl? The other day, I reached out to Wale because I wanted to know how I had missed the release of his newest video, which featured a gorgeous brown-skinned, natural hair model named Mariah. Instead of showcasing boobs, booty, and hips in form-fitted dresses, the model’s look was very understated (but refreshing!!!) for a video that was titled, “The Body,” and I was intrigued by the direction of the visual. Wale’s explanation was simple– he wanted to take it back to the days when “black women were not hyper-sexualized objects created by doctors with the sole intent to take pictures.” He also shared his thoughts and frustrations on our representation on television. And no, this is not shade (or lack of regard) to the Olivia Popes, Mary Janes or other 6-figure, fictitious career ladies on TV. But rather a demand to see more of them, as well as the “in between-women” — the ones who are transitioning from ambitious girl to successful woman on scripted shows. Not ratchet, reality TV. He writes in an exclusive blog: I have honestly been sick and tired of our representation in the entertainment world.
I feel like they curve “us” as a whole, then every blue moon they allow a pass for a Black person and we’re supposed to throw a party for it. My question is: What happened to Hollywood? I remember Lisa Bonet and a plethora of other beautiful Black women on “Different World.” I remember princess Jada [Pinkett]. I used to daydream about her. I was only in elementary school but when I first saw Jada I was in love. Nothing about this princess screamed, “Sex!” My mind was allowed to play with the idea of what lies under this fully clothed “around the way” girl. True, perhaps a child shouldn’t have such fantasies but that’s besides the point. Black women were represented in such a way that they were not hyper-sexualized objects created by doctors with the sole intent to take pictures, just to add on even more enhancements- be it Photoshop or an abundance of makeup with a sprinkle of good lighting. When Jeremih and I did a video for my single,”The Body,” it hurt my soul coming to the realization that there is hardly any positivity in Black Hollywood. Years ago I wanted to do a short movie for a single, with legendary director John Singleton. I’m not sure if he didn’t believe in me or if he plain old didn’t have the time to do it, but it never happened. However, even if we were to do something that represented our culture, where would we start? Casting calls via Instagram?
Today’s directors head straight to Instagram for their next star, with casting more or less being determined by how many “likes” a woman receives on the regular. “The Body,” was an attempt to get us, as Black people, headed in a more elevated direction. Mariah [the model I used in the video] kind of epitomized what I felt a normal beautiful “round the way” girl looked like. These days, we spend so much time focusing on “that assssss, ” we forget how much of love’s chemistry is contingent to a beautiful face and genuine personality. Personalities that used to cut through our television screens when Jada would flex that B’more attitude in a scene. The authenticity back when there was no desire to portray women as just an over-sexualized, clay-like-body to Instagram-obsessed people! Yes, I’m aware that my latest single is called “The Body.” I also am aware we that barely showed the body… Maybe, just maybe, I thought I could trick these dudes into looking a little deeper. And if only for one video, bring back the glory days of a more genuinely prestigious, “Black Hollywood.” ***CHECK OUT VIDEO WITH MORE NATURAL BEAUTIES BELOW***

Wale Ft. Jeremih - The Body (Official Video)

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