Wednesday, January 14, 2015


After much backlash for the past few months VH1 has had enough of sponsors and supporters pulling out because of the controversy over "Sorority Sisters'.  They're bringing the season to a quick end this Friday airing all 3 of the final episodes in on night WITH NO RERUNS! Many are saying it's about time and this may only be the start before the fight for more degrading shows to get pulled. ABC News Reports: VH1 is pushing the debut season of "Sorority Sisters" to a quick end after facing criticism for the reality show's depiction of black sorority members. The channel said that the last three of 10 episodes will air back-to-back Friday. The move is intended to satisfy viewer interest by bringing the cast's stories full circle, VH1 said. A special episode, "Sorority Sisters The Dialogue," which featured the women discussing why they joined the show and the controversy it provoked, aired last week. The response on social media indicated viewers wanted to see the complete series, the channel said. A decision on whether "Sorority Sisters" will continue has yet to be made, VH1 said in a statement Tuesday. The show drew protests even before airing, both when it was announced last summer and when a promotional video was released online. The video showcased typical reality show fireworks, with insults and tears among its cast of sorority members who graduated from Atlanta-area colleges. The backlash included an online petition that drew more than 40,000 supporters demanding the project be abandoned. Lawrence Ross, one of the organizers, has said the show reduces the worthy legacy of African-American sororities to a "perverse caricature." Several sponsors responded to the protest by pulling their ads from the show. Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority suspended two cast members from separate chapters after the VH1 series began airing. The organization gave no public reason for the move.

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