Friday, June 5, 2015

***ARE YOU READY FOR POWER*** #CelebNews 50 Cent Talks Power vs. Empire, Says Drake & Apple Makes Sense [VIDEO]

The hit show Power is coming back to the TV screens this weekend! HipHopWired reports: There is no question that 50 Cent is team Power being that he is an executive producer and has a role on the show. Nevertheless, the Queens rapper is happy for the breakaway success of FOX’s Empire, but the 39-year-old points out that Starz’s hit series was here first, and is better. 

“The pressure was for Empire to have success period, because we came first,” 50 Cent told Hip-Hop Wired on the red carpet at the Empire premiere. “Empire’s success is great. I’m happy because it adds focus to not just African-Americans but other ethnicities being able to play lead roles and have huge audiences.” 

However, 50 noted that despite the perceived rivalry, the shows are very different from each other. But don’t get it twisted, the “I Get Money” rapper isn’t one to back down from a challenge, whether real or perceived.

He added, “At this point I think it’s obvious both shows are a success [but] are extremely different. But I like people to feel that there’s a competition going on. I’m competitive, and mines is better. Why wouldn’t I want that?” 

Check out 50 also speaking on Drake aligning with Apple in Hip-Hop Wired’s exclusive interview below. 

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