Wednesday, June 24, 2015

***ARTIST ON A MAJOR RISE*** #CelebNews Rapper Tink Continues To Drop Heat That Super Producer Timberland Calls Magic!

It's about time many get to know the female artist Tink. She's making major noise while making music many are calling timeless. HipHopWired Reports:When you think Tink, the mind has the expand its horizons, considering the versatility the Chicago MC has displayed thus far. Following her Aaliyah “One In a Million” cover under the obvious tutelage of Timbaland, the #1 female rap contender bounces back with some much more and original and twice as sex on her song “I Like.” 

Over a subtle piano loop and pulsating drum snares supplied by producer C-Sick, Tink slinks across the track in a light R&B moan that is oh-so irresistible. However it’s the lyrical gems in the track that are ripe with the most fruit. 

“Are you here to rescue me”/Are you here to gon and get a check with me?/Are you to pillow talk?/Or are you here bounce and pull out when the sh*t get hard…I tell ’em that’s ‘That’s that sh*t I’m used to/Don’t blame me for my issues.'” 

These are the questions that seriously challenge the male psyche. Fellas, get your head on straight for a real woman. Listen to Tink’s “I Like” below and keep a look out for that debut album. 

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