Friday, September 25, 2015

#iGrindSpotlight Rapper Yates of BMG As He Shows Us The True Meaning Of A "Smokers Delight"

Coming straight outta Chicago  rapper Yates of BMG (@BMGYates) shows his passion for music in his new music video entitled "Smokers Delight". With  his newly released mixtape "Blak Attire" (Which can be streamed on Yates shows the world he has more then enough of what it takes to make it on top. "Smokers Delight" being one of his first singles dropped off the mixtape, Yates makes a stand that he's here to stay. He states that he hopes to tell his story through hip hop as well as to show people that with hard work and dedication anything is possible.

***CONNECT WITH Yates***Twitter:  @BMGYatesInstagram: @__YATESWebsite:  **CHECK OUT HIS NEW VIDEO "SMOKERS DELIGHT" **  

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