Wednesday, October 14, 2015

#CelebNews Taraji P. Henson Covers ESSENCE & Goes Weave Free For CR Fashion Book. [Photos]

Taraji P. Henson gave fans a double helping of her beautifulness in the pages of Essence and CR Fashion Book. The 44 - year- old covered ESSENCE's November issue and in it she spoke on reality stars who don't take the craft of acting seriously. After shooting for ESSENCE Mag. the infamous Cookie Lyon posed for a shoot in CR Fashion Book. Boldly ditching her wigs and weaves for the cornrows she rocks under them. (See More Pictures Below) 

Via CR Fashion Book:

"I wear wigs a lot, especially for photo shoots. I have this girl Kendra who braids my hair. She braids so intricately, so beautifully. So I’m trying on the clothes and the silk scarf I have on my head slips off, and I say, “Hey, look at my cornrows, aren’t they beautiful?” Bruce Weber is standing there and he goes, “We’ll shoot that.” And I go,“What? We’ll shoot what?” And he says, “We’ll shoot your hair just like that, it’s beautiful.” And part of me was like, No, no, no, NO! This is the hair no one is supposed to see. This is like behind-closed-doors hair. I feel naked. I feel like a plucked chicken…or a wet one. A baby chicken! But Bruce says to me, “It’s not about the hair, it’s your face.” So I just decided to trust the artist’s vision. As an actress that’s what we do. We are vulnerable every time we put our art out there. Underneath that hair is my soul, and it’s me, it’s mine.
You want to talk about real? You want to talk about the truth? I am 45 this year, and look at my career. Maybe I wasn’t here to be hot and young, but I still look hot and young. Early on, I prayed for longevity. I had to plant my feet into the earth and pray to God and say, “This is what I want.” I thought, Brace yourself, this is a man-made world. Calm your tits, this is just the ride." 

Congratulations to Taraji aka Cookie Lyon. To see more get the Nov. Issue of ESSENCE and CR Fashion Book. iGrind salutes and continues to support her success. 

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