Tuesday, November 17, 2015

#iGrindSpotLight Kid-Ro Is Traveling The Nation Spreading His Unique Sound!

Kid-Ro is an artist from the west side of Chicago with a rap/ r&b sound that is also hiphop conscious at times but yet club friendly. Kid-Ro is one of the many artist in Chicago that separates himself from the drill music to create a different sound. His music is full of content for many different target audiences ranging from very clever, witty, and edgy.... With a mix of hiphop lingo. This pass weekend Kid-Ro went to New York, Ny to Premier Studios, were he performed for Roc Nation a&r "Spanish Ran". Kid-Ro has also performed at Sxsw, and also numerous amounts of shows around the city of Chicago. This grinder isn't slowing down no time soon! Listen to his latest below! 

***Connect With KidRo***

Twitter: @Itskidro
Instagram: @Kid_Ro

***Check Out Kid-Ro's Latest Freestyle***

Kid-Ro - "Charged Up" (FREE STYLE)

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