Thursday, December 3, 2015

#CelebNews Nick Cannon Named As RadioShack’s New Chief Creative Officer!

The digital boom in media in terms of music, electronics and movies has eliminated the need for stores such as RadioShack, which is why the once prominent retailer filed for Chapter 11 protection in February of this year. The manuever allowed for General Wireless to obtain a $160 million offer to own 1,743 RadioShack locations which was approved by the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Texas. Now that their trusty brand is safe, the suits needed to devise a plan to get a more visible in today’s ever moving landscape as well as appoint a new leader to march them through the new revolution. And Nick Cannon is their guy. Did you hear the record skip? While the move may come as a surprise to many, it apparently has been in the making for years. “I always had an affinity for the brand,” Cannon, who reportedly bought all his first DJ equipment at a San Diego branch back when he was pre-teen, says in a statement obtained by USA TODAY. “I want people to understand that it’s a brand that is innovative. It’s for the thinkers and the doers of today’s Millennial generation.” He also plans to be at his RadioShack office in Fort Worth, Texas “as much as I possibly can.” RadioShack Chief Marketing Officer Michael Tatelman says Cannon will help with “innovating in the consumer electronics space and particularly the space that empowers young people” as part of his new responsibilities. “I’ve seen so many partnerships with quote unquote a brand ambassador,” Tatelman continued. “This is not that. This is a guy who authentically believes he can make a difference in peoples’ lives through our brand.” In other words, it won’t be one of those Alicia Keys/Blackberry situations.

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