Monday, December 21, 2015

*PLAY REVIEW* #iGrindSpotlight Writer-Director Rapheal Hayden (@Rapheal_Deangelo) Puts On "Only If You Knew" Play That Impresses Chicago!

Writer-Director and Actor Rapheal D. Hayden put on a play production for Chicago that has the city talking! Teaming up with many of his peers, Rapheal D. Hayden creates and emotional filled play about a riveting drama connecting multiple stories of class, judgement, drugs, violence, and education in the city of Chicago.

In this play several student’s lives interweave during 2 weeks in the city of Chicago. It all begins when the English teacher (Ms. Jackson) at George Elliot High School assigns partners for the last group project of the semester. Each of these students are socially segregated into stereotypical titles: a drug dealer (Rico); his best friend the class clown (Jimmy); the promiscuous girl (Sondra); the emotional girl (Stacey) and criminal, gang affiliate, ex-boyfriend (Allen); the golden boy (Justin); the weird kid (Mike); and the rich, snob girl (Julia). As they start immersing into each other’s lives their beliefs begin to shift, bonds are formed, secrets become exposed, rivalries are created, and blood is spilled. 

While sitting in the audience we at iGrind were extremely impressed by the wiriting, acting and professionalism this production held. Based on the laughter, cheers and standing ovation there is certainty this grinder should continue to create eye opening productions for his community and many others to come.

***CONNECT WITH Rapheal D. Hayden***For any questions or interests in sponsoring “Only If You Knew” the play please contact:C.E.O. & Director: Rapheal Hayden (618) 434-0350Assistant Director: Joycie Brantley (219) 814-6207Email: Hbcreations12@gmail.comInstagram: @Rapheal_Deangelo***CHECK OUT PICTURE OF AMAZING CAST BELOW SINGLE***  

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