Thursday, June 23, 2016

#CelebNews LeBron James Jr. drops DIMES in-front of Dad! Top Schools Offer Scholarships!

11-year old LeBron James, Jr. is reportedly getting scholarship offers from Duke and Kentucky.The small nugget of information was found buried in an ESPN article about LeBron James leading his Cleveland Cavaliers to the NBA Championship. In writing about James’ epic chasedown block on Golden State Warriors forward Andre Iguodala, reporters Dave McMenamin and Brian Windhorst slipped in a detail on the latest news in LeBron James, Jr’s budding basketball career.


With each step, champagne squishing in his sneakers from the postgame celebration that was but a teaser for the rager that awaits the Cavs back in Cleveland, the best basketball player in the world verbally replayed the sequences of the most important basketball game of his life. He started by focusing on a miss, a 5-footer in the lane with 1:25 to go and the game tied at 89, cursing himself for leaving it short after re-enacting the spin move that got him free to attempt it. Paul, walking alongside, steered James’ mind back to the positive, bringing up the block — to be forever known to Cavs fans as The Chasedown — he had on Andre Iguodala the possession before. “Iguodala is a bad m—–f—–,” James snapped. “I had to go chase it down.” He raised both arms, just as he did when he pinned Iguodala’s would-be layup against the glass with his right arm, and his 11-year-old son LeBron Jr. did the same (making it no wonder why he already has standing scholarship offers from both Duke and Kentucky, according to a source).

The pre-teen James, nicknamed “Bronny,” has been a Youtube star for some time now. A clip of him running past other 11-year olds on the court has amassed more than a half-million views in just under three months. Word had been spreading about Bronny’s skills and interest from college programs. So much that in a 2015 interview LeBron himself had to step in to father mode and declare that he thinks it should be a violation for NCAA teams to approach kids who haven’t even started high school yet.If this is true, what do you think about this? Should colleges be offering free tuition and a good education to 11-year olds who are good at sports?

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