Sunday, December 31, 2017

***iGRIND'S BAAACCCKKK*** The iGrind Team Reunites To Give Back!

After a brief hiatus the iGrind4Real brand returns to give back to the less fortunate in Chicago. Just in time for the new year the iGrind team united to create and distribute what they call #iGrindCareBags that consist of hygiene products, water, and snacks. This is the first of many community service projects the brand plans to do. To those fortunate the bags may not seem to be much but for many effected by poverty these items most take for granted are a blessing. 
The iGrind4Real team was proud to reconnect and collectively decided on ways to be of service to the community. Moving forward with a mission that better supports the daily grinder iGrind has a lot in store for the following year. 

Changing it up just a little bit you will begin to see more community service projects, more exclusive interviews, motivational postings, and of course apparel in which you can view in our online store. 

This year iGrind wants to get to know it's city full of beautiful people and those we support in a closer way. Catch iGrind around the city supporting and giving back using the hashtag #iGrindMeetsChicagoiGrind is glad Chicago welcomes us back with open arms.