Sunday, July 28, 2019

#GrindStory FreshBabyyy Up Next!

Written by Whitley Brooks 

 There is a new Rapper/songwriter on the rise. This Detroit rapper goes by the name Fresh or FreshBabyyy. This aspiring rapper name compliments his lifestyle. From fresh clothes, fresh cars, and fresh lyrics, it's safe to say his name fits him. The 31 year old grew up on Detroit's Westside. From childhood the Detroit artist always felt he would be an entertainer so becoming an artist made sense. Far as an collaboration Fresh will like to work with Rapper DaBaby. FreshBabyyy is looking and striving to go to the top.

     New Artist Fresh wants people to know it's more to him than his music. This rapper shared his view "that in todays youth, guidance and good parenting is missing."
When Fresh is not in the studio, you may find him spending time with his daughter or playing basketball.

Why do you grind Fresh?
       "I grind for my beautiful daughter and my family. I know it sounds crazy but I also grind for the haters and anyone else that doubted me and counted me out."

Follow him on Instagram @freshbabyyy

Single "Friday"  by Fresh is available on all major music platforms.

Watch "FRESHBABY - "FRIDAY" below!

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