Wednesday, August 7, 2019

#GrindStory Darnell Williams Isn't Going "Outta Style" No Time Soon!

Image result for Darnell Williams - Outta StyleDetroit Rapper Darnell Williams is giving his testimony in new visual “Outta Style” celebrating how being broke is now a thing of the past. The powerful visual captures his journey from struggles in 2016 to final freedom in 2019. Darnell’s catchy hook and dope lyrics flowing over a great beat for sure makes this track a certified banger. Motivation to say the lease Darnell went from directing videos for Mac Miller and Big Sean to following his dream of becoming a music artist.

Many artist glorify the riches without variably talking about the downside to the grind. Darnell does just the opposite while making it sound so good. 

Follow Darnell Williams:
Instagram: @DarnellWilliams 
Twitter: @DarnellWillaims

Check out Darnell Williams' video "Outta Style" below! 

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